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I'm a conceptual community artist, working in digital to explore the potential of technology to help us lead more empowered fulfilling lives.

CoCreating = Collecting || Connecting || Contributing

Working towards a more Open👋 Curious👀 and Playful🐒 web3.

I see my role is both artist and facilitator, I create with and for groups of people exploring the potential of web3 to help us live with more creativity, connection and authenticity.
Web3 is enabling communities to come together through mutual investment, creation and curation in ways that haven't been seen. My work explores  how we all contribute to the explosion of technological, creative and social innovation that we are living through. I work through code, words and images to bring more fun into our lives.

Fun = Connection + Flow + Play

Connection = Meaningfully relating to each other
Flow = Doing things that cause us to be fully present and for time to disappear
Play = Enjoying things for thier own sake, Being in the process, Detached from the outcome


Photography CoCreated CoCreated
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis
A generative photography collection, created collaboratively with the farcaster community, almost like improvisation, it gives most of the creative control to the collector.
Community CoCreated Farcaster
A Token of Friendship A Token of Friendship
A piece made from the Farcaster names of everyone participating in CoCreated as a subscriber, and their friends. The Farcaster usernames of each person airdropped the piece create the token of friendship.
Community CoCreated Farcaster
Love Balloon Love Balloon
A Farcaster community love message to each other. Released on Valentines day each 'pixel' of in the Balloon is a message of appreciation to someone else on the protocol. The messages were original sent as casts.
Community CoCreated Experimental Farcaster
Some Social Media is Art Some Social Media is Art
A community curated piece exploring the idea that some decentralised social media posts are artworks.
Community CoCreated Experimental Farcaster
An Experimental Piece of Community Art for and with CoCreated and the wider Farcaster Community, in the form of a Farcaster Client (social media app) for collaborative art
Community We Are The Art Zora
Zora Chain Inception Zora Chain Inception
Art Made from the ENS addresses of participants at the start of Zora L2 Blockchain, Every address of Zora Blockchain holders at its inception ~111111
Community We Are The Art Farcaster
WeCast WeCast
Made from the ~2000 most recent Farcaster casters at the moment in time. Those that collected are highlighted
Community Nouns
NounProfiles ⌐| NounProfiles ⌐|
Wtf does the profile of a profile pic look like? Playful extension of Nouns. Funded by NounsDAO.
We Are The Art Community Farcaster
We Are Farcaster 08-30-2023 We Are Farcaster 08-30-2023
Farcaster at the moment that it moved to MainNet. All active users in the arch (sorted by fid). All other users in the background.
Community We Are The Art Nouns
We Are Nounish We Are Nounish
A massive community artwork, doubling as a census, for everyone who sees the world through Noggles.
Experimental Community CoCreated Collectors
Vulnerable Vulnerable
Genesis Collection, revealing my vulnerability at putting my work into the world.

My Artist Statement

I aim to be a Philosopher Builder; creating experiences to help us live truly and happily:    
That are playful, open, curious, connected.
That nourish us and those we share this life with.
That build our mental wealth.
That are as concerned with the process and the experience as the outcome.
That are experimental, knowing that there is always something to be learned.
That are beautiful.
That create the conditions for joy and love and laughter.
That optimise for fun!

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